Monday, May 7, 2018

Your Life Matters to God

Happy May and Happy Mother's Day! 

Sending a special message of Love and comfort to all who have lost their Mom. 
The above picture is my Mom. 
She died suddenly on September 16, 2002 from cancer.
I share this to say I understand the pain. 
I miss my Mom all the time. 
God is with you and He knows the pain and He will comfort you during this time.

There are many things we don't understand that God does. I still don't know why my Mom died suddenly with no warning. But as we place our trust in God in everything He does we will find the strength to continue on. Since my Mom died almost 16 years ago I have really learned that your life matters to God. We might not understand everything He does or doesn't do, 
but we can trust in the fact that He Loves us. 

I personally believe that even through death we must be intentional in all we do.
Tomorrow isn't promised, Today is all we have and because of my experience with losing my Mom I can say it's very important to tell people and show them that you Love them. 

Your life matters to God and He Loves you.
So I send this message to anyone who has experienced death of a Love one to let you know that you are not forgotten. He is with you even if you think He isn't. 
God Loves you so much that He only created one of you, 
so that makes you way special.  

May God give you great comfort during Mother's Day and beyond 
that no matter what you face He is with you and you are incredibly Loved by Him.

Happy Mother's Day Mom. 
I Love and Miss you so much!

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