Thursday, June 7, 2018

Surrender40 Ministries

Ecclesiastes 3.14
I know that whatever God does, It shall be forever.

Hey Guys..Trachena here. Just as quick update to let you know that Pink Love Ministries has been taking on all the outreaches that Surrender40 had been doing for years. It's been 6 months since I've posted anything about Surrender40, but many changes have happened in the seen and unseen. Yet there is still more to come. 

On Christmas Eve 2008 at Calvary Kendall God had spoke to my heart and gave me the name Surrender40 and said "feed my sheep". As many of you know since that time it's been all about Jesus and serving others in Love. One thing I never could fully answer to everyone that would asked me, "What does "Surrender40" mean? Over the years I've thought what it could mean, I've asked, I've prayed, but it wasn't until last year I heard someone speak on the meaning of the number 40. After that I did some research and sought God and He showed and confirmed the reasons to me. Although there are many reasons, it's about times of testing. We all will have those times, we don't have to be homeless, sick in a hospital or even in prison. We can simply be overwhelmed by all the things that life throws at us. God showed me in recent days through another that regardless of our circumstances we must surrender to really live out the life God has called us to. His plans are best. His Love fails not. His ways are perfect. I am thankful for the all God has done over the last 9.5 years. I want to personally thank everyone who stepped up and was the hands and feet of Jesus in helping. Many lives have been touched for His glory. I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude.  

The final chapter of Surrender40 will soon come to an end and a new name and vision will be birthed. He makes all things beautiful in His time. I will come to you again by the end of the year. In the meantime, Pink Love will continue reaching out in whatever areas God calls. 

In closing, wherever you find yourself today in confinement or just hangin out with your bunky, my prayer is that you would surrender to Jesus. It is only in Jesus you will find Freedom, Love, Peace, Joy and complete fullness in your life. 
I love you guys and I'm thankful for you. 
You are treasured and Loved beyond any words I could express. 

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Him always. 
And if nobody told you today...
You are Beautiful.   

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