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Friday, June 7, 2019

Love you Dad.

This is my Dad whom I Love.
I Love you Dad.
Although the miles are between us, the Love never ends.
Thank you for being my Dad.
Thank you for all the beautiful pictures you've taken of me.
I treasure you Dad.
I think your great.
I think your strong.
I think your courageous.
I think your a kid at heart.
I like it when you smile.
I like it when you look like you know something I don't.
I do treasure your wisdom.
But more than that, no matter what I Love you Dad. 
Thank you for you. 
Your beyond awesome!
Oh and Happy Father's Day!
Well, Dad's Day, Everyday.
And I honor you.

Happy Dad's Day Daddies.

Even if you didn't have a Dad, or one that is in Heaven, and everything else...
Honor them. 
Love them.
Pray for them.
God Loves that.

Love is a Kiss like a child.

Ex. 20:12
Honor your Father and your Mother.
Matt. 15:4
Honor your Father and Mother.

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