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Sunday, July 7, 2019

You Complete Me

Hey Guys, Trachena here! 
First let give props to the picture above that Amy Lynn made. Isn't it awesome? 
She is such an amazing artist among many things. 
I Love you Amy and thank you.
I think you beyond beautiful.  

"You Complete Me"
Don't you just Love that? Seriously? Like two puzzle pieces that just fit perfectly. Have you ever did a puzzle and your coming to the end and a piece is missing? It's like man, wow... now what? 
You have this beautiful puzzle with that one piece missing. How annoying

But what about your life? 
What completes you?
What defines you?

No matter how you answer that, the truth is the real truth only Jesus can complete you.
So that missing piece is Jesus. He alone will complete you. I know you guys are like come on, I thought you were going to say, a guy, a girl will complete me. It's him. It's her. Well maybe so, but that is after Jesus. I tell you the truth, nothing in this life will ever complete you but Christ alone. There is no boyfriend, no girlfriend, no spouse, kids, no amount of money, no career, not the next toy, no drug, like you get my point...nothing will ever satisfy you or complete you but Jesus. In my personal life I've learned this the hard way, many times I've tried to find my worth in people and things, yet it left me empty. I believe with my whole heart that you have to be complete in Jesus before you can even Love someone the way God wants you too. I Love this quote by C.S. Lewis, 
"You can't Love a fellow creature fully till you Love God."

You see when we surrender completely to Jesus, He changes us from the inside out. The things we once Loved or getting an empty fill on, we no longer desire. When Jesus comes in, so does Love. Like real Love. And He changes everything. The things you once did you begin to change and want to give Him all the glory. 
I understand we all want to be Loved. We all want that person to complete us but let Jesus do that first and then He will give you the one. 

I Believe in Jesus and I Believe in Love. 

And yes I do Believe there is that one person that can complete you but that is after Jesus. And make no mistake the one will Love Jesus too. But first Jesus ok? All He wants is your heart. Like fully surrendered to Him. Not 50/50, not just on Sunday's, nothing less than 100%. I promise you that if you surrender everything and hold nothing back, He will radically change your life. He will Love you like crazy. You don't have to have it all together, you can come just as you are. Literally your one step away 
from fully surrendering your life to Jesus. He wants to Love you. Promise. 
It is a Blessing in my life to Bless you with what I've learned, and to tell you the truth and this is truth...

Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.

"He died for you." 

Surrender by faith. 
The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through Love.
-Galatians 5:6

You are not alone, He is always with you. You are very important to God. He Loves you so much.
Oh How He Loves us.

Will you surrender? Let me know.


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