Sunday, October 7, 2018

Jesus is Calling

Happy October! My prayer is that you guys are super blessed in every way possible. 
Just a quick note letting you know that you are Loved. Seriously are! Life has been crazy and it seems like everything is sideways, and that can cause pain, tears and heartaches. But let me be the one to tell you that what you are going through Jesus is with you...and Oh how He loves you so much! Like BIG Love. You might not see Him, or even feel Him at times, but trust me He is with you. We all go through different seasons from smiles to sorrows and everything in between. Even so...He is with you! Trust me if you can see how special you are, how He died for you, then you would know without a doubt He Loves you! So no worries...please don't worry...cast your cares on the Lord, why? Because He Loves you and He will see you through. You might be sitting around all kinds of evil or decisions wondering where will I go when I'm released?! Give it ALL to God! Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will direct your steps. The pain you are feeling isn't nothing in comparison to the joy that is coming. People will let you down, they will hurt you, they will let go, but Jesus will never let you go. He Loves you so no matter what. 

If you've never given your heart to is the day of Salvation..right where your at you can simply pray by telling Jesus you believe in Him, that your sorry for all the bad things you've done and to forgive you..ask Him to come into your heart and that you want to live for Him. He has been waiting for do it. There isn't anything more important in your life than making this decision..and besides you will get to spend eternity with Him in Heaven! 

Life is going to be hard, and other times not so hard, but by putting your Love and life into a relationship with Jesus it will be amazingly awesome! 
Let go..and give your life to Jesus and why not?..He did died for you. 

For me I will live for Him because He Loves me and literally died for me even when I was sinner..what relentless Love! 

You are bountifully beautiful, worthy, enough and smile and embrace Jesus..
He is waiting.

In closing if your life is sideways or upside down, just know it doesn't matter..come as you are..broken, blessed, beautiful and everything in between..
Just come!

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