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Thursday, November 7, 2019


A couple of weeks ago we heard the news of TobyMac & Amanda's son Truett Foster sudden death. It rock the Christian Music world, as it may have touched your heart too. He was only 21. And then suddenly he was gone. Tears. My prayers and Love is sent in abundance to Toby's family. 
Please pray for their family. 

As some may know that my Mom passed away 17 years ago this past September and if I am honest, I still have not got past it. What I mean is I still cry at times, I still miss her, but I just wish I could get one more hug, one more I Love you, one more talk. But I can't. Yet I still cry. 

I Love these lyrics from "When We Fall Apart" by Ryan Stevenson 
It's ok to cry
It's ok to fall apart
You don't have to try
To be strong when you are not
And it may take sometime to make sense of all your thoughts
But don't ever fight your tears
'Cause there is freedom in every drop
Sometimes the only way to heal a broken heart is
when we fall apart
An you've got the gift of mercy
Don't ever think it's strange
Not a curse, but it is a blessing to feel other 
people's pain

So I come to you today with everything in me to Love one another no matter what. Do all you can to be at peace with one another. When it's over it's over. Don't live with regrets. What you might be fighting about will not even matter in the bigger picture. When you die and stand before God to give an account for your life, you want to hear "well done" my good and faithful servant.  
So make sure your living today to please Him. 

Dying isn't optional. We are all going to die. 
I pray today you do what you can to be right with others.
And no matter what never ever give up on them.

If today is my last day,  please know that your Loved. 
God Loves you.  He is with you. You are never alone.
Put your trust in Him. Live to please Him only. Keep Him first no matter what.
Love Jesus with everything you got, even if you stand alone. 
Never compromise. 
Stand for Jesus even if. 
Pray like crazy.
Love madly.

Be on the right side of Suddenly.

And if no one has told you...

You are altogether Beautiful there is no flaw in you.
- Song of Solomon 4:7

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